Pekanbaru, March 8, 2018 - PT Halla Mohana, a subsidiary of PT Mahadana Dasha Utama (MahaDasha), introduces FOX Harris Pekanbaru through a rebranding hotel with strategic location in the heart of Pekanbaru and direct access to mall.

FOX Harris Hotel Pekanbaru, a midscale hotel targeting modern business travelers, leisure travelers, individuals and groups as well as corporations. It has individual design elements and uses contemporary imagination with  "A Moment in Life" tagline, FOX Harris Pekanbaru invites guests to enjoy life with  the unique experience of collage artwork, colorful interior design, and fully engaged hotel team that facilitates  interaction with other guests.

The opening ceremony of FOX Harris Hotel Pekanbaru namely "Revival" is located in the hotel restaurant area, WTF Resto.  The highlight of the agenda is the winner announcement of Cut & Paste competition, a collage artwork competition as part of FOX Harris Pekanbaru opening series. The competition took place online from December 4, 2017 to January 4, 2018 and managed to capture a number of interesting works. The winners in this competition are Diesta Kusimo as the first, Galuh Indri in the second rank and Kanty Rahmawati in third place.

"The judging process was very tight as we have received high quality artworks, but the  winners have unique concept and they have fulfilled the rules set in this competition," said Ika Vantiani, Indonesian collage artist who is also one of the judges in this competition.  All the artworks collage that have  passed the selection are  exhibited in the room and the public area of ​​FOX Harris Hotel Pekanbaru as part of the hotel concept.

The contemporary FOX Harris Hotel is an extension of Harris Hotels and is a new brand of TAUZIA Hotels. Known with its Harris brand with the dominant character of orange color while FOX Harris is dominantly purple with a light touch of orange that symbolizes freshness and spirit. Each hotel has its own unique yet distinctive elements as a reimagination of the modern lifestyle.

"FOX Harris Hotel Pekanbaru comprises of 225 rooms with meeting room, gym, spa, restaurant titled WTF (Where's The Food) and in-door pool at the rooftop - the highest in Pekanbaru city," said Dian Septo Pramono, General Manager of FOX Harris Hotel Pekanbaru when describing the facilities offered FOX Harris Pekanbaru. "Targeting businessmen and tourists, we are ready to provide new experiences that are different for guests in accordance with urban lifestyle," he added.

About Halla Mohana:
PT Halla Mohana is one of the subsidiaries  of Tiara Marga Trakindo Group (TMT) established since 2013. PT Halla Mohana is engaged in hospitality, whose main focus is on the hotel business sector as well as the shopping center.

About MahaDasha:
MahaDasha (PT Mahadana Dasha Utama) was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Group focusing on the management of the Group's diverse business portfolio. With an organization of experienced professionals in their respective fields, MahaDasha is aimed at optimizing the revenues of its subsidiaries and creating a balance for the TMT Group's business portfolio.
MahaDasha provides value-added services that support and strengthen the growth of each subsidiary in a profitable and sustainable manner. MahaDasha enhances shareholder value and creates new opportunities for expansion and growth.

About TAUZIA Hotels :
Established in 2001, TAUZIA Hotel Management is a network of 120 hotels in operation & various stages of development under the brands of Preference – a label for a collection of charm boutique hotels, HARRIS Vertu – upscale hotels bearing the concept ‘Joy of Life’, HARRIS – midscale hotels promoting healthy lifestyle, FOX Harris - midscale hotels with contemporary and adaptable design, YELLO – the netizen’s new economic hotels, and POP! – budget hotels for smart & eco-friendly travelers. Along with hotel management services, TAUZIA provides Estate Management & consulting services with a vision to build a blend of culture in management style & product development while promoting diversity in the hospitality industry. Find out more at & @tauziahotel