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With a dedicated team of licensed architects supported by professional associates, TAUZIA Technical Services provide developers and projects’ teams with the information and guidance necessary throughout the various stages of design and construction. This ensures hotels are developed in strict compliance with the identity and specifications of the selected brand, while incorporating the latest trends in design efficiency and technical innovation, for a cost-effective and long-term quality asset. The team will review and validate the different design stages, such as Design Brief, Concept Design and Design Development, and will provide professional advice in respect of specific operational premises and selection of specialized equipment, including reviewing and validating mock-up rooms, and conducting periodic project reviews during construction.

During the operation life of the projects, the team will advise on the setup of maintenance programs, yearly capital expenditures, and equipment replacements. 


Human Resources & Learning

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At TAUZIA, we believe that the human factor is the key element to the development of the company. Putting the right person, with the right competences and spirit, into the right position will not only make the work more efficient but also make the atmosphere become more friendly and lively. We provide constant assistance and supervision, along with good governance for the best outcome of the manpower. We also provide skills, knowledge, and trainings related to the latest hospitality program. TAUZIA help its partners to enrich, develop, and better the partners human resources competencies through communicative training programs and great Human Resources Management.

Support the company’s success by:
  • Look after all internal talents by monitoring their satisfaction and job performance according to the company's Vision, Mission and Values.
  • Develop all internal talents' competencies and self confidence.
  • Detect specific talent at any level for "fast track" career development with special attention to the "Best Employee of the Year".
  • Monitor and support internal talents career objectives' within TAUZIA company either from operation level to Corporate level or vice versa, which also applies across the brands.
  • Invest in the recruitment of young talent as our future potential assets.



With a team of dedicated hotel professionals, we set up and recruit pre-opening teams, monitor their progress, based on an exhaustive critical path task list and work closely with the project teams to assess the hotel completion progress and plan its launch on the market.

This team is also well prepared to take over existing properties and convert them into any one of TAUZIA brands within a limited time frame.

Once in operation, we constantly monitor the hotels' performance, by analyzing their monthly Profit and Loss statements and by conducting quarterly physical business reviews, covering the whole spectrum of a General Manager's responsibility (Sales & Revenue, Quality & Online reputation, Financial performance and Human Resources key indicators)


Sales & Marketing

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Our Corporate Sales, Marketing, Revenue and Distribution teams are constantly striving to find innovative solutions to make TAUZIA hotels stand from the competition.

Our Actions

  • Develop a better engaging Marketing through online and offline initiatives
  • Supports hotels Sales & Marketing teams by planning and executing their Sales & Marketing strategies
  • Centrally manage and develop selected offline  National Key Accounts
  • Centrally manage and optimize Online Travel Agencies, through constant negotiation with them (including on OTA commissions)
  • Monitor hotels daily and monthly market performance towards selected competitors, through sophisticated revenue and rate analysis tools
  • Optimize brands.com with an efficient User Experience (UX) contents
  • Boost direct bookings by fostering  MTP (TAUZIA Loyalty Program) as one of the main booking channels

Loyalty Program


My TAUZIA Privilege (MTP) is TAUZIA loyalty program, offering exclusive benefits for its members. Members are entitled to 1 point for every IDR 1,000 spending in more than 40 hotels throughout Indonesia.

As of April 2017, there are 100 000 "My TAUZIA Privilege" members, spending, earning and redeeming points in our hotels.

Thus, by boosting loyal customers retention, we succeed to gradually shift some of the Online Travel Agents production to direct bookings. 



One of the key to a successful business is a trustful and integrated Accounting System. Tauzia International Management provides Transparent financial statement and Uniform Reporting by applying latest edition of Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry.

Our Internal Control team keeps regularly assessing each Hotel including its book keeping and process to prevent from financial risks and ensure all transactions are recorded according to the SOP and Accounting Principles.

The objectives are common for both Hotels and Head Office : 
  • Improve accuracy of Financial data following accounting principles and local regulations 
  • Issue Process / SOP 
  • Prevent financial Risks 
  • Standardized Reporting 
  • Optimize purchasing of the hotel & get better services and prices from third parties

Information & Technology


Information and Technology is one of the most important part to develop our brands to face market competition. We manage and organize the technology sector of hotel projects and operations to follow IT professional requirements. We research and identify business opportunities for technology to support management and hotels’ needs. We never forget to optimize today’s technology to deliver IT systems and procedures that comply with Brands concept. 

We usually look for the best partners to support our information and technology priorities which will ensure our hotels’ service well-delivered to our guests. We never stop improving technology, by using concept that high speed wifi is a must in every parts of the hotels which combined by concept that our brand should be easy to reach online by our guests.

In order to reach every guests, every partners, and everyone else, TAUZIA focus on these three strong keys in information and technology.

  • Continuous improvement technology solution
  • Competitive advantages on technology
  • Good IT infrastructure for guests

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