TAUZIA X Kitabisa


In these challenging times, now you can enjoy the finest experiences from TAUZIA Hotels right into your home while also participate in charity to fight the pandemic.

Together with online fundraising platform, Kitabisa.com some portion of F&B delivery and room sales will be donated in order to support the public campaign of #IndonesiaLawanCorona.

Here's how you can participate with TAUZIA Hotels:
  1. Get started by order food delivery services from all participating hotels under TAUZIA Hotel network
  2. Or you can plan your staycation by make a reservation throughout our direct booking channel
  3. Once we confirmed your order, you already made a contribution to fight the pandemic.

  1. Donations will be channeled to support a public campaign called #IndonesiaLawanCorona
  2. Donations will be fully distributed by Kitabisa
  3. For more details about fundraising, privacy policy and others, please visit https://kitabisa.com