Unique, Authentic & Alluring

Unity of Quality in Individual Diversity. - A unique array of hotels selected for their Charm, Authenticity, Alluring service.

Préférence Hotels is TAUZIA's label for discreet ‘Hôtels de Charme' boutique hotels that offer subtle inspiration and unique experiences. A label that boasts refined taste, exceptional designs and a decor that provides the right canvas for a memorable stay.

The label of Préférence as an umbrella that unites diverse hotels sharing the same values. Each hotel under Préférence bears its own identity, name and concept reflecting; The Cultural Heritage or History, The Natural Beauty of the Destination, The Unique Architecture or Interior Design.

Préférence Signatures across all the diversities of each hotels concepts are;

  • Master of the House is the GM of the hotel, is the host/hostess for guests to assist guests on their needs. GM and Préférence Icone will welcome guests as if they are coming back to their own home.
  • Préférence Cultural Book is based on each of the hotels concept to enlighten our guests about the local culture that speaks from the heart. It is the highlight of the library, a place to resource and explore local culture activities.
  • Préférence Photography’s Signature Style focuses on soft contrasts and bokeh effect. A story-telling style where the details are the value.
  • Préférence Touch is a sensorial experience delivered through high quality smooth linen, the Spices and Wood scent, our “Up In The Air” Mattress from King Koil, unique architectural design, thematic tunes or chef-crafted gustative tour.


5 Star Category

Market Segment

Affluent travelers looking for authentic culture experiences with personalised service.


‘Hotels de Charme’ discreet boutique hotels for a very distinctive guest experience.


  • Each moment with Préférence should be memorable and a learning experience for our guests.  
  • Discovering a local culture, traditions and tastes of each destination they visit.

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